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Introducing Tel! A botanical shampoo bar made with a minimum of 30% of Ayurvedic plants

Based in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian traditional medicine, and strong science evidence.

Full of powerful plants that will treat your scalp if it is oily, or if you have oily scalp, a fungal infection (dandruff), or if it it is itchy and inflamed.

Smells to a synergy of lemongrass, tea tree and lavender.


* Sodium coco sulfate: naturally-derived surfactant, biodegradable
* Azadirachta indica (neem) leaf powder: Ayurvedic plant, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal
* Cassia obovata (cassia, neutral henna) leaf powder: Ayurvedic plant, ideal of oily scalp
* Phyllanthus emblica (amla) fruit powder: Ayurvedic plant, full of antioxidants, keeps your scalp healthy
* Coco-glucoside: coconut-derived surfactant, cleans gently
* Vegetable glycerine: humectant, binds with water keeping your skin & hair hydrated
* Inulin: natural hair conditioner, probiotic (helps maintaining the natural flora in your skin)
* Benzyl Alcohol & Dehydroacetic Acid: preservative approved in natural cosmetics
* Essential oils: lemongrass, tea tree and lavender. Antifungal properties, and delicious smell

Solid shampoo - oily scalp, dandruff

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