Living Naturally

Finally, we would like to share with you what we have been gestating during months!

During the lockdowns we were constantly ask about advice for skin and haircare, about products to use at home, how to follow a more sustainable lifestyle... so we researched and researched!

We aim to offer one workshop per month.

If you cannot attend the live workshops, do not worry. Sign up and we will give you access to the recording!


Are you worried about it being too complicated? Do not worry at all! You don't need previous experience.

In our workshops you are going to find:

  • Simple recipes

  • Recipes that you can adapt according to your needs, or the needs of friends & family

  • Perfect for beginners, no previous experience needed

  • Affordable ingredients

  • Easy to get ingredients

  • Enough knowledge to continue learning and developing more complex recipes


Also, we have strong values:

  • Ethically/sustainably produced ingredients

  • Natural, naturally-derived

  • Organic (as much as possible)

  • No palm oil

  • Biodegradable

  • Non-toxic

  • Adapted to the user

  • Suitable for sensitive skin, children,... (as much as possible)



These are some of the next workshops:

  • Understanding my skin, and how to take care of my skin more naturally

  • Understanding my hair, and how to take care of my hair more naturally

  • How to use plants in products (making extracts, properties, etc)

  • Balms & salves (we would go deeper), scrubs

  • Soaps (for the body)

  • Creams & lotions

  • Gels (for the shower, shampoo)

  • Hair & scalp treatments, styling products (conditioner, mask, tonic, serum, styling gel...)

  • Toothpaste & deodorant

  • Facial cleansers, & other products for the face

  • Facial yoga, guasha, cupping

  • Product for a spa day (bathbombs, candles...)

  • Make up (foundation, eyeshadow, blush,...)

  • Make up application & how to adapt it to your features

  • Cleaning products for the house

  • Sustainable gardening (from windowsills to allotments)

  • How to design my own garden (windowsill, pots, back garden)

  • Private sessions, to have more time to ask my individual questions

Our next workshops:


















  • Saturday 11th September 10:00 - online class £10/person

  • Sunday 12th September 10:00 - in-salon class + practise (materials included) £50/person (max 5 people)

    • Plant extracts are an easy way of getting the active ingredients of plants, and can be used in creams, makeup, serums, soaps, shampoos, gels...

    • Learn how to make your own extracts, using different parts of plants and different extraction techniques and solutions

    • You will also learn about the uses of several plant extracts, so you can start building your own collection, in preparation for next workshops

    • You will leave with a couple of extracts!


  • Saturday 25th September 10:00 - online class  £10/person

  • Sunday 26th September 10:00 - in-salon class + practise (materials included) £50/person (max 5 people)

    • In the theoretical part, you will learn the basic process of soap making: the properties of different oils, soaping parameters to take into account, simple natural colouring techniques, smell

    • During the practical part, you will learn about health and safety practices, and the steps to make your first soaps

    • You will leave with a couple of soaps!


To sign up for the workshops, send us a message on Instagram, Facebook or our email (gaia.organic.salon@gmail.com). Indicating to which one/ones you would like to sign up.

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Do you want to watch a FREE example of a workshop, and the introductory workshop?


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