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Our products are vegan, cruelty-free, biodegradable, organic. Being 100% eco-friendly is a long and difficult path. We are not perfect but we are trying hard!

lower pollution

Most of he products that go down the sink are biodegradable and very low in toxicity, so it is safe to send them down the sink. We even have bleach without ammonia!


Our products are vegan, cruelty-free, biodegradable, organic. Being 100% eco-friendly is a long and difficult path. We are not perfect but we are trying hard!

Our values

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Being 100% eco-friendly is a long and difficult path. We are not perfect and we know it. But we are trying hard.


















Our products are plant-based, cruelty-free, biodegradable, organic. Being eco-friendly is a long and difficult path, we are not perfect but we are trying hard!

Most of the products that go down the sink are biodegradable and very low in toxicity, so it is safe to send them down the sink. We even have bleach without ammonia!

Lower pollution

Reduce, reuse, recycle

A big part of our furniture and objects are second hand. Most bottles are made with post consumer plastic. We divide and recycle as much as possible

Energy saving

The best energy is the one that is not consumed, so we try to be efficient. As an example, we leave the lights off during the night


Quality of services and products over quantity. We believe in simplicity and effectiveness. Because overproduction is killing our planet


Our aim is educating customers and building around us a community of eco-beauty-friendly people


The more the merrier, in all senses. So far we are 6 nationalities co-existing in a beautiful synergy

Tireless search for the best products and services for your health and the health of the planet


Each person is unique, important and has its circumstances. In Gaia Salon, you will always be heard

Your needs

A holistic approach to beauty

We firmly believe that to be beautiful outside you need to be healthy inside. It is not only about appearance, it is also about food, stress, water temperature and amount of product. 

Therefore, during our initial consultation we test the health of your hair and we ask you how do you take care of it. We educate you and teach you how to take care of your hair, so your approach also changes. 

Our products

Conventional brands like L'Oreal, Wella, Redken... are very effective and might give good results, but are they good for your health and the health of the planet?


In Gaia Salon, we strongly believe that being beautiful should not imply harassing and polluting the environment, or damaging your own health. Now, a product like that can exist? YES! there are brands that care that have developed products that offer technically perfect results, but they are much much more respectful with your health and the planet.

Henna Supplies

We create our own colours, treatments and products by bringing Ayurvedic plants directly from India

These brands a are reference for all those who want to combine health, beauty, efficiency and ethics. It has been proven than substances from plants are simply more biocompatible with your hair and skin.

These products are free from silicones, parabens, petrochemicals, polyeethylene glycol, synthetic fragances... among others.

Therefore, by using these brands, you are taking a long-term compromise with the health of your hair.

Herb Plants

We believe that our beauty needs should not imply harassing and polluting the environment.

As committed brands, they adopt sustainable development at all levels: 

packaging made with post-consumer recycled material,... leading to not polluting the water with chemicals, and 

reduction of the ecological footprint. 

The fact that we want our appearance to be beautiful should not lead to animal suffering.


Our brands are 100% plant-based, although some products contain sustainably-produced honey (we can provide a fully-vegan service, no worries!).

Also, does not test the ingredients or the final products on animals, being cruelty-free.

Committed with 
your health

Committed with
the environment


The team

Gaia Hair, Nails & Beauty Salon is situated in Upper Richmond Road Weast, in the heart of Sheen. But we provide services to visitors from adjacent areas, including Richmond, Putney, Barnes, Roehampton and Kew, that come attracted by our values of sustainability, plant-based nourishment, cruelty-free, natural and organic services.

Do you want to meet the team making the magic tricks behind the doors?

mohit pic_edited.jpg



Mohit, with his background in finance and customer service combined his skills with Alex and gave birth to this project. Yes, he is from India (the beautiful Jaipur, specifically).

He has also strong customer care skills, and makes a lot of effort to make sure that the costumer experience is on point.


Mohit is proud to say that Gaia Organic Salon is one of the best employers in the area, allowing staff members a good work/life balance, offering opportunities to develop both personally and professionally, and generously rewarding every effort.

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Founder, beautician, hair couch, product developer, manager

Alex is a biologist, specifically ecologist, by vocation. She works part time in the conservationist NGO London Wildlife Trust, and part-time in Gaia Organic Salon.

Her dream was creating a salon that acts as a hub for a community of eco-friendly and like-minded people. Where beauty not only implies good appearance but also wellness, and where humans can feel pampered without damaging the planet.


At the salon she is currently offering facials, Indian head massage, threading and eye and brow services, herbal hair colour.

Her desire to know what exactly we put on our skin and hair made her study formulation. That is why she is currently developing products for the salon, and offering DIY workshops


Massage therapist

Hello, I am Nana, a Thai therapist who has always valued the importance of the art of massage. My aim is to create a relaxing atmosphere for you in order that you can escape the everyday world.


I love seeing the benefits that massage can bring to my clients. I believe in the connection between mind and body, not just in terms of easing muscular tension and pain, but also in stress reduction. The most important aspect of my work is finding the perfect pressure and the right combination of techniques, resulting in a relaxed frame of mind.


I am qualified with a VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Massage Therapy, London and a Certificate of traditional Thai massage from The WATPO Traditional Medical School, Bangkok. I have over 6 years worth of experience in this field.

To book a massage with her, visit her webpage here!


Salon location & parking

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