Manicure & pedicure

In our salon, we not only aim for a technically perfect result, but for the long-term health of your nails, hands and feet. Have a look at our range of treatments!
Our nail technician is also an artist. Why not treating yourself with some nail art, now and then? ;-)

None of our brands contain animal products (vegan) and are not tested in animals (cruelty-free).
Madam Glam is 21-free gel polish, meaning it does not contain 21 of the most harmful and toxic chemicals. Nails INC is a classic nail polish, also 21-free.  

We are are very proud to be able to offer you the healthiest products you can find in the market!


Normal mani & pedi

You don't want any paint? no problem! 
The perfect gift for a gent. We promise. He will love it!

Manicure & pedicure, no paint

Hands   £22  
Toes   £30 
Hands & toes  £49

For the ones who just need clean, tidy cuticles and nails, or the others who need a break from gel or polish but still think their nails, cuticles and skin needs attention. Includes soaking, cut & shape, cuticle care, cuticle oil, moisturizing cream. 

Want a treat?
Make it luxury
for only
£8 more!!


Classic mani & pedi

We use the classical nail polishes, 21-free, from the brand NAILS INC.

Colour change

Hands   £10
Toes   £13
Hands & toes  £20

Change your old colour with a fresh one! Includes the removal of the old polish.
Recommended every 1-2 weeks.

File & colour change

Hands   £15
Toes   £18
Hands & toes  £28

Cut & file, buff, followed by color
application of nail polish.
No soaking.

Recommended every 1-2 weeks.

Classic mani & pedi

Child mani & pedi

Hands   £23
Toes   £30
Hands & toes  £52

Hands   £7 
Toes   £9 
Hands & toes  £15

Includes soaking, nail cutting and shaping, cuticle care, moisturizing, cream and polish of your choice.Recommended every 1-2 weeks.

Your little ones get so excited when go for your nail appointment and they’d be the happiest if you take
them with you for some colorful nails too!

Want a treat?

Make it luxury
for only £8 more!!

Add a nail stamp
for £0.5 per nail

UV  gel

Sometimes wrongly called "shellac". Shellac is a brand, UV gel is the technique. The colour lasts 3-4 weeks, if the nails are well-cared.

Express gel polish

Hands   £25
Toes   £29
Hands & toes  £53

Includes cut & shape, buffing, followed by gel application of your favourite colour. Does not include cuticle trimming. 
Lasts 2-6 weeks.

Nail art

1 nail £3
10 nails £15
(depending on the complexity)

Chipped nail repair

£3     per nail

There is nothing worse than one or two chipped nails out of an otherwise flawless manicure. Incidents can happen, you will need to fix that broken /chipped nail.

Sometimes a quick nail repair fix is all you need to make your manicure last.

Gel mani & pedi

Hands   £32
Toes   £42
Hands & toes  £70

includes cut, shape, soaking, cuticle care, moisturizing cream, finished by your desired gel colour, providing a 3 weeks plus glossy-chip free nails!
Lasts 2-6 weeks.

French finish

10 nails £2

Gel removal   
from our salon FREE
with any other service

Gel removal from another salon   £10

We will never soak your fingers in acetone!! That is a promise.

Hard  gel - an alternative to acrylics

hard gel.jpg

Enjoy all the advantages of acrylic nails, but without the disadvantages! You can extend the length of your nails with hard gel, and it can be sculpted and shaped just like acrylic. But no odour, no electric file, no strong fumes. More hypoallergenic than acrylic and safe during pregnancy.

It is NOT gel polish/shellac/soft gel/soak off gel!

Short/medium new set  £50   1h 30min
Long new set  £55   2h             

Removal   £15   20min
Infills   £25   45min
Infills with manicure  £45   1h       

Infills are suitable up to 3 weeks from the last complete service

Luxury services

Perfect for any occasion: a gift for someone, the perfect treat after a stressful week, or simply  that that "me time" so beneficial for our mental wellbeing.
It includes a effervescent soaking bath with salts and dry flowers, different scrubs and skin polishes, and a moisturizing treatment with a relaxing massage.

classic mani & pedi

Manicure   £30
Pedicure   £38
Mani & pedi  £57

gel mani & pedi

Manicure   £40
Pedicure   £50
Mani & pedi  £76