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We love making your hair dreams becone t

Our most demanded services, and a truly sensorial journey.

It will start with a consultation, when the stylist will ask you about your haircare routine, what you want to achieve, and will assess your hair.

Then you will continue to the shampoo bowl, where the stylist will choose a vegan botanical shampoo and conditioner according to the features of your hair. You will be offered a restoring treatment if your hair truly needs it. Just immerse in the aroma of the products while receiving a relaxing scalp massage.

Your journey will continue on the chair, where you will be offered an organic beverage and snack from our menu. The stylist then will proceed to style your hair, using only vegan and organic products to assist during the service: no-rinse hydrating mist to unentangle your hair and leave it perfumed and hydrated, and a serum to give an extra shot of love to your tips.


Wash included. Final price depends on hair length

Blowdry - straight 

Blowdry - curls, waves 

Trim haircut 

Restyle haircut

Trim & blowdry

Restyle & blowdry

Afro/curly hair

Silk press

Price depending on hair length

and thickness

Wash + treatment + straightening

Styling (curl definition)

Price depending on hair length

and thickness


The ultimate curly/Afro treatment

Recommended for those who use styling products, extensions/wigs, braids, or if your scalp tends to be dry or oily. We remove the unwanted crusting and sooth the underlying skin, slowing down the rate of cell growth which causes the flakes. We deeply cleanse your hair, and use a gentle scrub to detach all the particles and dirtiness from your scalp. Then we use an oil to nourish your scalp, massaging it slowly to improve the absorption. We apply a mix of 100% natural herbs to your hair, and we apply steam to help absorption. We rinse the treatments and condition.

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