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Hair treatments

Deep scalp cleanse

We remove the unwanted crusting and sooth the underlying skin, slowing down the rate of cell growth which causes the flakes.

Recommended 1-2 times per month. Necessary for those who use styling products, extensions/wigs, braids, or if your scalp tends to be dry or oily.

Scalp Revival Treatment

First, we give a scalp massage with oil. Then, we apply a gentle scrub to detach all the particles and dirtiness from your scalp. We deeply cleanse your scalp & hair, rinse, and condition.

Add a blowdry for £15

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Hair Salon

Nourishing Treatment for Dry & dull Hair 

Recommended once per week, to give the hair that extra bit of love. Includes a relaxing scalp massage.

Natural or post-colour hair

Add a blowdry for £15

Curl revival treatment

Do you have damaged or dry hair, your curls have lost definition? Then this is your treatment.

We will use a mix of 100% natural plants and a moisturizing treatment. The plants will coat your curls, strengthening them, giving them body and protection. The next treatment will deeply moisture your hair. Your curls will finish stronger, hydrated, balanced.


Repairing  Keratin Treatment for damaged hair 

1h - 1.5 h

This plant-based Keratin Treatment is the perfect solution to frizzy, dry, damaged, unmanageable hair. This treatment deeply hydrates hair and boosts its shine (even if it will smooth your hair, IT IS NOT A PERMANENT SMOOTHING TREATMENT! check our smoothing treatment below):.

  1. First, your hair is washed and towel-dried.

  2. Next, your hair is carefully divided into sections and the keratin solution is applied throughout.

  3. The hair is covered and left under heat during 15 minutes, so the cuticles of the hair open and absorb the solution.

  4. Then the left-over solution is rinsed with copious amounts of water.

  5. Your stylist then blow-dries your hair, sealing your cuticles, and leaving your hair deeply restored and silky.

Treatment in salon recommended every 2 months. Especially recommended for texturized hair.

Smoothing Keratin Treatment

Try our new smoothing treatment, vegan, low in chemicals and full of plant goodness: hydrolysed plant-based keratin, collagen, amino acids, citrate, avocado oil and germ oil.

Beautifully glossy hair, with minimum effort, can be yours every day. That dream is a reality with 72 Hair, thanks to years of research and development with a team of professional hairdressers. This expertly formulated hair smoothing treatment will give you manageable, frizz-free, and impossibly shiny hair that is much easier to manage and style.

The application process takes between 1 and 4 hours depending on the length and thickness of your hair. After the smoothing gel has been applied, your hair is left for 45 minutes to allow the keratin to be absorbed into the hair shaft. After this, it is blow dried and the hair is ironed to seal and lock in moisture which hydrates the hair to create a glossy, smooth finish.

It is important that you leave the hair in its natural state so do not use any hair accessories, ties, water or shampoo for three days. After the three day period, you can wash your hair using the aftercare products that you can acquire in our salon.

The treatment can last up to 12 weeks, with the correct home aftercare. The result is progressive: it will be better the more times you use it!

It is better to apply colour before having this treatment, so the colour is locked in. If you can't colour before, wait at least 7 days.


Strengthening treatment - add on

for damaged, dry, bleached or coloured hair


The natural sister of Olaplex! 


A vegan and organic based bond builder and protein treatment, for all hair types. This can be used as a stand-alone treatment or added to colour and bleach processes.

With organic quinoa protein and aloe vera, it repairs and avoids breakages and split ends, slows thinning hair (men and women), prolongs colour and vibrancy, and conditions hair making it more manageable, visibly glossier and vibrant.

No silicones, sulphates, parabens, phthalates, DEA, and aldehydes, GMO -free, gluten-free, cruelty-free. nurture your hair naturally.

Treatment in salon recommended once per month. Especially recommended for lightened and chemically treated hair.

Scalp treatments

Treat your guest scalp in depth with our Ayurvedic and plant-based Scalp Spa range:

3 formulas for 3 scalp types

⚈ WATER : Oily scalp and dandruff

⚈ AIR : Dry scalp & dandruff

⚈ FIRE : Irritated and inflamed scalp.

A complete salon ritual consist on:

1. The application of a creamy lotion adapted to your scalp needs, full of strong active components. Followed by a relaxing massage that will clean your scalp from any dirt.

2. An application of a Shampoo, adapted to your scalp needs.

3. The application of a deeply nourishing conditioner, selected according to the needs of your hair.

4. The application of a concentrated liquid lotion, left un-rinsed in your scalp, so it keeps active until you wash your hair next time.

It is recommended taking 1 salon treatment per week during at least 5 weeks, and using a shampoo and conditioner from this range at home. You can find both in our salon.


Colour removal

1.20-1.45 h

This is a 3-step treatment where we will remove permanent chemical colour, releasing your natural colour underneath.

This is much better than bleaching your hair!

The products that we will use have high percentages of natural and organic ingredients and will be very gentle with your hair. We will finish your service with a restorative mask, to leave your hair natural, hydrated and silky.

You can re-colour immediately after.

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