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Introduction to Botanical Soapmaking

  • 57Weeks
  • 7Steps


Have you ever desired to learn how to make soap, but you don't know where to start? or are you scared of using lye? Then, this is your workshop! We will be doing cold-process, solid, soap from scratch. You will learn how to make 3 soaps for the body and one for cleaning cloths/dishes. You will start with a theoretical class, very focused on health and safety aspects and in understanding the process. You will have access to 4 videos that you can follow step by step to make your first soaps, in increasing levels of difficulty, also using natural colourants and essential oils. You will also receive a workbook with the theory summarized, and the soap recipes. This workshop is the first one of a series of 2 workshops. Once you fill very comfortable and you have understand the process of making soap, you can move to the advance workshop. In the next one you will learn how to create your own soap recipes and more decoration techniques. Keep the eyes peeled!

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