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FREE making herbal balm/salve online workshop

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If you like DIY and plant identification, spiced up with a little bit of science, this is your workshop! Alex will teach you to prepare your own personalised herbal salves and balms, made from ingredients you can source yourself! With guidance from Alex, you'll prepare a simple but useful balm, with plants that are easy to find in specialised shops. You'll also be taught how to identify and forage your own plants and how to formulate and prepare products according to your needs. You can simply come to watch and learn or you can prepare along with Alex in real-time. If you'd like to join in, you will need: Equipment Weighing scale Cloth/cheescloth/coffee filter 2 glass jars, 1 being around 16-ounces*, with a lid (to infuse the oil with the dry herbs) Small tin or small glass jar with lid (to store the balm) Saucepan Spoon Ingredients *Amounts can be altered with the same ratios applied so if your jar is bigger or smaller, you can adjust accordingly. Mix of dried herbs: calendula and chamomile - enough to fill half a 16-ounce jar* Sunflower or olive oil - enough to fill rest of jar* once herbs have been added 4-tablespoons of beeswax / candelilla wax / carnauba wax / soya wax Optional: essential oil (lavender is ideal in combination with chamomile/calendula) Optional: vitamin E oil In preparation for the workshop: Add the dry herbs to the lidded jar, filling it. Then add the oil, leaving around 0.5mm free until the border of the jar. Apply the lid and store it for between

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