A professional intense care mask for all hair types. Made from an infusion of ultra pure active herbal agents that have been specially selected for their numerous benefits, this mask is also rapidly absorbed by capillary fibres. Dull and damaged hair is given the power of an intensive treatment for long term strength and protection, and improved radiance and vitality. A product for regeneration and wellbeing that is an ideal companion to all our other shampoos and balms.


Essential and herbal oils and herb extracts

  • Marula Ultra strengthening and nourishing, prevents dehydration. Revitalises and restores radiance to dull and dry hair.
  • Jojoba Calming, softening action, high performing skin protection against dehydration and lines.
  • Juniper Excellent astringent and purifying properties for the scalp.
  • Ylang Ylang Strengthening, very aromatic, revitalising and revitalising.
  • Bergamot Calming and purifying, gives freshness, relaxing.




On clean and damp hair, spread a sufficient amount of the product on the length and ends of hairs. Gently massage in the product so that it is properly absorbed. Leave for 5 to 25 minutes without combing hair, then rinse off thoroughly with clear water and untangle.



Balsamic mask 250ml

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