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Self-care routine to improve scalp circulation & hair health

Do you want to know one secret, that all hairdressers know, that will make your hair looks amazing?

It cannot be more simple. It cannot be cheaper. It will take you very little time (like 5 minutes while you are watching Netflix).

We are talking about scalp massage.

You can simply do it with your bare hands, but we have prepared an explanatory video using coconut and castor oil, that have amazing properties, very beneficial for your scalp and hair.

What are the benefits of this routine?

  • Relaxes your whole body, but specially your head and face skin, that we tend to have so tense!

  • Keeps the scalp hydrated

  • Removes dandruff / residues (helps to detach them from your scalp)

  • Improves circulation -> more nutrients delivered -> less scalp problems -> stronger hair

We leave you with the video, hope you like it!

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