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"Living naturally", the new initiative from Gaia Organic Salon

Finally, we would like to share with a project you what we have been gestating during months!

During the lockdowns we received a good amount of emails and messages from people who were thinking about following a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Many people took more time to worry about self-care and the products that were putting on their skin.

This is our answer to your needs. A series of talks and workshops where you will learn why and how to prepare your own products, clean from toxins, using plants and naturally-derived ingredients. Even how to design your own garden and grow your plants organically.

We will open this series with the following FREE talk:

Among other things, in this first workshop we will explain you

  • the difference between natural /chemical / organic /naturally derived,

  • how to decrypt labels,

  • & why you should start taking care of yourself more naturally.

We will also be sharing our calendar of talks and workshops, where you will find things like...

  • How to understand your hair & your skin, and take of them more naturally