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5 reasons to switch to natural & organic cosmetic products

Let us explain you!

Natural & organic products are simply better for your health

“Traditional” cosmetic products contain ingredients that can be harmful to your health, such as the sodium sulphate, colorants, parabens, synthetic perfumes, aluminium, silicone, ammonia, etc. Plants are powerful ingredients, but safer and more nourishing than synthetic chemicals.

Bio assimilation

Plants have been used during millennia for their natural properties, and their uses are backed up by plenty of scientific research. They can be more effective than synthetic chemicals: as plants are living organs, they share a lot of similarities with us, therefore they are easier to absorb.

An aromatherapy experience

Natural plant-based products have essential oils and extracts that are able to please your senses and improve your well-being. Synthetic smells lack that aroma-therapeutic effect.

Better for the environment

Every year 8 million cubic meters of water are polluted and ecosystems are contaminated with pesticides and other chemicals. Switching to plant-based organic cosmetics and recycled packaging greatly decrease your ecological footprint in the planet. Nature and future generations should not have to pay the price for our beauty!