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100% natural haircare

  • 57Weeks
  • 3Steps


Is this workshop for you? Would you like to transit to a more natural and/or sustainable lifestyle and haircare... but you don't know where to start? Is your hair dull, or dry, or frizzy, and you don't know why? Do you know when your hair needs a treatment, and why, and what type of treatment you need? Would you like to learn all that and more, in just 1h? Then, THIS is your workshop! In order to get control over your haircare routine, you need to learn about: - The components & anatomy of the hair - How to perform hair analysis, to assess the current state of your hair, its problems, & how to tackle them - Basic ingredients and techniques for washing, treating and styling You will also receive a workbook so you can keep track of what are you doing with your hair. Learn how to take care of your hair using ONLY powdered plants and natural ingredients (oils, natural gels, etc). We won't make any complicated recipe, only simple mixes. Ideal for people who like to spend more time in self-care, and don't mind getting the hands into action. You will learn how to perform tests in your hair to find out what it needs, how to correct the mistakes that we all do, and to develop a good, and 100% natural, routine.

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