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Barbering services

Dry haircut with clippers     30min     £12

Dry haircut with scissors     30min     £14

Dry skin fade (+ scissors)     30min     £16

Wash & haircut     35min     £22

Wash, haircut & styling     40min     £25

Dry beard trimming & shaping     20min     £7

Wet beard shaving      25min     £12

Wet beard shaving with hot towel + hand massage     30min     £12

Wet beard shaving with hot towel + hand massage + head massage   40min     £15

Gaia's Signature    1h     £38

Wash, Haircut & Styling + Hot Towel Beard Trim & Shape + Scalp Massage + Hand massage

The ultimate barbering indulgence.

  • First you will receive a  relaxing scalp massage (that increase the circulation and blood flow in your scalp, promoting hair growth!).

  • Our barber will proceed with your wash and cut.

  • A hot towel with essential oils will be applied on your face, while you receive a relaxing hand massage.

  • The last step will be restyling or shaving your beard according to your indications.

  • Enjoy!

Hair loss Ayurvedic Treatment

£30 for 1 session, £340 for 12 sessions

Our hair loss Ayurvedic treatment has been formulated by using 7 powerful herbs, used in India since ancient times.

You will also receive a powerful scalp massage, to improve scalp circulation and the delivery of nutrients to your hair follicles (we will teach you how to d it at home as well).

This treatment stops hair fall, balances the scalp, stimulates hair grown, and reinforces and protects the hair.


But it does not have any effect on the areas where the hair has already been lost: only works on existing hair. Therefore, we would recommend you starting as soon as you notice any hair loss.


  • In order to be effective, it needs to be applied once per week during a minimum of 12 weeks. Miracles don't exist, but consistency does the job!

  • If the hair fall is severe, we will boost the treatment by adding a oil specially indicated for this problem. In this case, we recommend prolonging the treatment 12 weeks more, alternating weeks.

  • Ideally, this treatment should be taken in alternating weeks for 4-7 months, in order to reinforce hair and scalp during all the phases of hair growth (anagen, catagen, telogen).

Hair Treatment

Promotions for father's week


You are not sure about what to get for him?

We have gift vouchers!


email to and we will create a personalized gift voucher.  

Promotion 1:

Complimentary hot towel shave when you book a wash, haircut & finish

Promotion 2:

10% off on manicure or pedicure for him

Promotion 3:

Complimentary express facial for her with his wash + haircut

Promotion 4:

Complimentary blow dry for her with his Gaia's Signature: Wash, Haircut & Styling + Hot Towel Beard Trim & Shape + Head Massage

Please, call us (020 8878 4442) or message us to book these promotions, as they are not available online.

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