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Organic inclusive salon

Hair | nails | beauty

What our clients say

Our passion is taking care of

your needs,  

without sacrificing your health

or the health of our planet

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Why choosing Gaia Organic Salon?

  • Are you worried about the health of your hair, nails, skin? For us, your health and the health of our staff are the main priority. That is why we offer products free-from harmful toxins, with high proportion of natural and organic ingredients. Even our complimentary beverages are organic.


  • Have you ever felt that the person servicing you is not really listening? Here we will not start any service until we are 100% sure of what you want and you are fully informed of every step.

  • ​​ Have you ever feel frustrated at comparing the huge difference in prices between gents and ladies' services? Here we base our prices in the amount of product and time, not your gender. We are inclusive.

  • Do you enjoy felt pushed to buy a service or a product that you don't really need? We bet no. So we would only recommend what you really need. And if we believe you need it, we will explain you why. We believe in minimalism: most of the times, less is more.


We do not want to offer you a good experience. Our aim is offering you a memorable experience. Every time.


We offer normal or luxury classic & gel mani & pedi, nail extensions (an alternative to acrylics)

Our products are free from the 21 most toxic chemicals. To our knowledge, the best in the market and the best in London!

Our services

We are inclusive: our haircuts cost the same, no matter your gender. Afro & curly hair is welcome!

During our initial consultations we analyse your hair deeply 

You can chose between 2 lines of colour: one that is 100% herbal (one of the ingredients is henna), and another that is chemical-based (but organic and PDT and ammonia-free)

You will love our efficient, deeply relaxing, holistic facials; also suitable for sensitive skin.​ Also lash lift & tint, brow threading & tint. Everything vegan & cruelty-free, of course!


In our salon we fill very connected to the Ayurvedic value of a holistic approach to beauty. So we tackle problems like hair loss, damaged hair, oily scalp, dandruff.... using only natural oils, massage and dry powdered herbs.

An innovative approach using ancient wisdom

A variety of massage techniques, adapted to any condition, able to deeply relax you or to dissolve any muscle knot. You can choose between Indian Head Massage, neck + shoulder + back massage with facial included, or authentic Thai massage


Gaia Organic Salon

306 Upper Richmond Road West SW14 7JG

Free parking in Elm Road

020 8878 4442

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